Why Tents?

You may think to yourself: “A tent’s a tent, right? It’s something you use while out camping.” But for someone forced to flee their home, a tent means something much, much more.

Imagine on a day like any other, your world is suddenly thrown into chaos, your home is burnt to the ground and you are forced to flee with only the clothes on your back. You are alone and lost in a strange world and have to walk for days in search of a place of safety and to escape from the chaos around you…

This is the reality faced by hundreds of thousands of Somalis as they flee from the endless fighting that threatens their lives. Upon reaching the relative safety of a refugee camp, among the most essential items they need is shelter.

A tent is a life-saving piece of equipment, and they come in different shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the people who rely on them for shelter. The UNHCR uses two different types – a lightweight tent that we can put up immediately in an emergency. And a heavy-duty, all-weather canvas tent that can withstand the cold of winter and the baking heat of summer.

A tent for a family of five costs as little as US$200, but provides shelter from the elements, from violence, and most importantly, can save lives.

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