Why Refugees?

In Sept 2009 I read a book about refugees that changed my life – twee as that may sound. I am lucky to be from a country (UK) and live in a country (USA) that has not been ripped apart by civil war, forcing me to flee from my home with just what clothes I am wearing, or spend years looking for my lost family. I want to help refugees and truly make a difference because I cannot stand back and just watch the news with indifference.

So in November 2009  I volunteered to work on a new digital campaign for UNHCR who work tirelessly for refugees.

The project was to come up with an idea that you could get 10 friends involved in that would raise money to buy a tent for refugees. I thought long and hard about what would be a fun event that I could get my friends to part $10 each to be involved with, and that would cost me virtually nothing to host.

And that’s how the idea for a virtual tennis tournament came about.

To date we have raised over $900 and counting and made the front page of the campaign website: Give Them Shelter

But I don’t want to stop there – with your help we can further help UNHCR with it’s work.

Please help me help more Somalian refugees to obtain shelter. Sign up for the wii tournament today – tell a friend, tell two! Come along and support the gamers!

Thank you,

Clare Auchterlonie, Redondo Beach.

“Indifference is the essence of inhumanity.” George Bernard Shaw

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