Barley Legal

Point Break ©2010 Pamela Carver

After the tournament music will be provided by local band, Barley Legal. Barley Legal formed in 2009 over a few cold home made brews and a local open mic night. Brent Reger and Jason Carver hit the stage with aspirations of combining covers, mash ups, and originals with an approachability and humor that would lend the music to any situation. The band orginally found its roots back in 2007 when Ricki Sweatt and Jason Carver began playing covers and originals around the South Bay and would eventually solidify its lineup through jam sessions, word of mouth, and great friendships with Brent Reger on Vocals, Trumpets, Gadgets, and Gizmos, Jay Constable on Bass, Vocals, and More Gizmos, Jason Carver on Guitar, Mike Morano on Keys, and Chris Shea on Drums.

Always cool, always smooth, Barley Legal, taste the goodness.

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