Over the past two decades, UNHCR has helped more than 600,000 Somali refugees in the eastern lowlands of Ethiopia. Providing them with enough water has always been a problem. Under UNHCR’s emergency guidelines, a person needs at least seven litres a day to survive and 20 litres a day to ensure their well-being and good health. Currently, that minimum standard of 20 litres is not being met in any of the three camps hosting Somali refugees in Ethiopia.

Right now we need to raise 2,600 tents for newly arrived, mainly women and children, Somali refugees in the Ali Addeh camp in Djibouti. Every dollar that you give will go to providing life-saving shelter to the thousands of Somali men, women, and children who have walked for days to find safety in Djibouti.

UNHCR works on the frontline to help save the lives of millions of refugees and help them find durable solutions to piece their worlds back together.

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